Welcome To Woodburn

The community of Woodburn is located in the French Prairie area of Marion County between the Willamette River and the Pudding River just north of Salem. French Praire was named for some of the earliest settlers of that part of the country who were mostly French Canadian and former employees of the Hudson's Bay Company.


Transportation baron Ben Holladay laid track for his Oregon and California Railroad through the area in 1871, at which time George Settlemier, a local farmer platted the first four blocks of the town. After the arrival of the railroad, Woodburn was further platted and incorporated by 1889. The name Woodburn came about after a slash burn got out of control and burned down a nearby woodlot in the 1880s. A railroad official who had witnessed the fire and renamed the community before it was incorporated.

The land area was originally inhabited by the Kalapuya Native Americans. Today the demographics are as diverse as can be. As mentioned an influx of French Canadians provided some of the first non-native settlers. A sizable community of Russian Orthodox began moving to Woodburn in the 1950s excaping persecution from their homeland. Many migrant workers of Latin origin settled in the valley where they found work on the many farms.

A picturesque town with a rich agricultural history is now complemented by great shopping opportunities: Mexican foods, products and mementos downtown; brand-name shoes, clothing and house wares at the outlet mall on the edge of town; fresh fruit, vegetables and nursery plants throughout the vicinity.

Woodburn can boast of an upscale mall with easy freeway access. The Oregon Golf Association Golf Course and the Woodburn Estates & Golf provide a leisure activity for all interested. Visitors and citizens can also enjoy Bauman's Farm, Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Centennial Park, Legion Park and Settlemier Park for fun, games or just plain relaxation. you and the entire community can participate in the monthly cultural events such as the yearly Music in the Park festival and the annual Fiesta Mexicana. Truly a city of unity, we are Woodburn Proud.