Woodburn was incorporated in 1889 in Marion County, originally inhabited by the Kalapuya Native Americans.


On December 12, 2008, our community experienced a horrible tragedy. Since then, we have expressed our strength and our values in ways that make us “Woodburn Proud.” We are forming “Woodburn Proud, Inc.” in an effort to create a permanent vehicle to express our strengths and values as we strive to make Woodburn an even better place to be.

Woodburn Proud, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the following goals:

To provide a mechanism through which contributions directed toward the Tennant, Russell and Hakim families and the Woodburn Police Department can be tracked and accounted for;

To honor the memory of Capt. Tom Tennant and express our thanks to Chief Scott Russell, their families, and the men and women of the Woodburn Police Department by creating opportunities to fight crime by building a healthy, positive community;

To create an organization through which individuals and companies can donate to City programs or projects with clarity as to deductibility of such donations and accountability for their use;

To have the ability to apply for grants not available to the City of Woodburn for projects benefiting the community;

To supplement the efforts of the City of Woodburn by funding projects for which tax dollars are not available but are desired by the community;

To aid in providing programs and projects that complement the activities of other local nonprofits but may be beyond the scope of their mission;

To channel our energy and values into tangible things that help make Woodburn Proud